Tatsunoko Hero Material art book – 2000

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Total pages: 217 pages
ISBN-10: 4877770305
ISBN-13: 978-4877770303
Release Date: February 2000


Contents (From “BOOK” database)

Tatsunoko Hero Coloring the 70’s Here’s Resurrection !! “New Man Casshern”, “Behind the Scenes Polymer” “The Universe Knight Tekkaman” ‘s Brave Appearance in This Volume! From the Main Character to the Props Complete Lineup Setting! 3 A total of 87 episodes are released at once with their name scenes !! Hand reaches to itchy place, big analysis of the charm of series with maniac column.

Contents (from “MARC” database)

Tatsunoko Hero that colors 70 ‘s The line drawing, the story, the name scene of 3 works of “New Man Casshern”, “Rubberized Polymer” and “Space Knight Teckman” are fully disclosed. There are also maniac columns where hands reach itchy place.

This book is a book that can be obtained only in Japan.
There are a lot of illustration in this book.
Even if you can not read Japanese, you will be able to surely to enjoy it!!
This book is never sold in the foreign country.
If you love it don’t miss it!



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